Cleaning Kit for Straw


Everything needed to provide your straw hat with a professional grade cleaning treatment. Our premium kit features our signature foaming cleaning solution that deep cleans to remove heavy stains while protecting the delicate straw. Comes in a durable vinyl bag to keep your items secure and organized. Meets TSA regulations for carry-on requirements. 

Premium Straw Cleaning Solution (3.4 Oz.) Professional grade foaming cleaner for delicate straw
Microfiber Towel Designed to be non-abrasive with straw. Quick drying & extra absorbent.
Horsehair Cleaning Brush Made using only hair from the mane which is softer and less abrasive.
Cleaning wipes Infused with our cleaning solution, designed for quick stain removal.


Note: This product is not for use on straw paper. Please check the label before applying the cleaner. The cleaner works very well on all types of baseball caps, wool, felt, toyo, straw, Panama, and montecristi. Before applying test in a small area.

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