Protect & Repair Crown Inserts with Adhesive Backing


Off White

U.S. Pat. No. 29/753,283,  63/085,318

Crown inserts designed to either protect and prevent the straw from cracking or if it has already cracked, to patch and prevent further cracking.

Made with a premium adhesive backing, just peel and stick into the inner crown of any straw or Panama hat. The adhesive we have chosen to use is formulated to last a long time and not leave behind any adhesive if you chose to remove it. This is perfect for prized collectors' hats if you ever choose to resell or gift them.

Please note: These insert strips do not contain any stiffener, which is great if you are sensitive to stiffening chemicals. However, if you are looking to also stiffen the crown please see our other crown repair strips that do contain water-activated stiffener.

3 Inserts included per unit.

100% Money-Back Guarantee within 30 Days.

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U.S. Pat.  No. 29/753,283,  63/085,318