Straw Hat Cleaner Set


Paul Lashton's premium hat cleaning solution is a foam product effectively cleans/conditions and is safe to use on all materials including Montecristi, Panama, straw hats, and more.  Also included is the Paul Lashton cleaning brush that is made of genuine horse-hair. The bristles are 100% mane hair (instead of tail blends).

Premium Straw Cleaning Solution (2 oz.) Professional grade foaming cleaner for delicate straw
Horsehair Cleaning Brush Made using only hair from the mane which is softer and less abrasive.


Note: This product is not for use on straw paper. Please check the label before applying the cleaner. The cleaner works very well on all types of baseball caps, wool, felt, toyo, straw, Panama, and montecristi. Before applying test in a small area.